Roxtec International

Tomas Kreutz

“At Roxtec, we only produce what is unique for us, we buy in the rest of our products and services from carefully selected suppliers. We have found that Kelmo has the competence and high-quaility philosophy that we require, together with a very high level of service and the latest technology. This has resulted in our being a customer of theirs for several years, in everything from electronical installation to machine programming.”


Roxtec International,

MRT System

Christer Sundberg

“As a world-leader in advanced systems for mercury recycling, we place heavy demands on our suppliers. Kelmos has for many years provided valuable help for us in the development of advanced software and electronical control systems. Debugging and updating of the softwares all over the world is possible by telephone modem connection. In this way, our support to the customers becomes both rapid and cost efficient. Kelmo’s excellent documentation is also worthy of high praise!”


MRT System,