Comprehensive solutions bring quality and security

Our business idea is to offer a comprehensive solution for automation. From design and contruction to installation and service.


Kelmo leads the field in developing advanced electrical control systems and software. Our systems are designed to agree with modern industrial standards and today’s requirements for full compatibility throught the complete production chain. The development often takes place in close collaboration with our customers own engineers and operators, and it always takes place with the aid of the most modern technology.

Our solutions can be fully integrated into networks, which gives endless possibilities for control, guidance and documentation for the various units in the company. This is particularly important to be able to meet future demands for standards.


Another important part of our comprehensive solution consists of the production of electrical equipments such as low- and highvoltage switching gear, transformer cages, distribution boxes, conrol cabinets and machine covers.

Producing the equipment ourselves not only gives us the possibility to adapt our electrical installation to the desires of each individual customer and the space available. It also guarantees the quality of our solutions.


Naturally, we are also eager to be the one who looks after the complete installation at the customer. But our total responsibility does not end with assembly and commissioning. We make it a point of honour to be the one who looks after service and any problems thatr may arise. We want you to feel secure when using our services.