We bring your ideas to life

The world we live in change continuously. Yesterday’s truths are no longer valid tomorrow. The current development of technology poses new demands on us. If we want to stay on top, we must continuously increase efficiency and produce more at a lower cost.

Kelmo is a company that specialises in comprehensive solutions in industrial automation.
We belive in the principal that everyone should concentrate on what they do best. Only then can true profitability be achived.

No company has a flow of production that cannot be improved. Our goal is to provide our customers with automation solutions that satisfy their requirements for quality and cost efficiency.

Kelmo means innovation. One important component in our ambition to increase the productivity of our customers is a continuous increase in competence. Our wide customer base has allready given us a wide competence, but we allways strive for improvement – in collaboration with our customers.

One of our strengths is the ability to tailor solutions to the needs of our customers. It’s often a case of technologically advanced solutions. But we always try to ensure that user-friendliness and flexibility are evident. In reality, it is only fantasy that sets limits on what is possible. Test us! Together, we can bring your ideas to life.